Demo 2013

by Oglin



Recorded at Uhr-området, Stockholm 2013.


released August 7, 2013


all rights reserved



Oglin Sweden

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Track Name: Mad Growth
Dark lie the shadows in the land of fortune
Where everyone dreams of gold
There is a tree, a thing of wonder
With deep-lying roots that circumvent the world
Ever growing, ever watered
Dependent on its growth, is all we've ever heard
So most of us close our eyes, dwell more on the riches it provides,
than the fact that it's almost blocking out the sun.
But in dark corners, secret places
Some question the general consent

Who will say no
Who will dare halt
The mad growth

So heavy with fruit abundant,
branches bend ever down and claw into the earth
Come autumn and the fruits are gone, the tree all barren and still become;
satisfied with quenched thirst
Now we notice we're shut away, root and branch they form a cage
The ones who whispered almost falter, looking for someone brave

Who will say no
Who will dare halt
The mad growth

“I'll do it!”, says the fox in the caramel costume
“My mission: A swift incision
A little breaking, a little twisting
And out you go!”

The fox in the caramel costume
Always on the outside looking in
With broken teeth, unruly hair, wicked smile, defiant air
We were wise to pick a hero with nothing to lose

(Stories of the vagrant with his hand-pulled cart
Sleeping in the grass on the edge of the wood
Stealing in and out of other's lives
Free under the open sky)

Dark lie the shadows, in the land behind you
where everyone is growing cold
Come with me down the backward road
Follow me down the lowly road
I'll show you real freedom
Track Name: Tiny Harriet
I am looking past the obvious aesthetics
of the seemingly thoughtless arrangement of low-fashion fabrics
that is her urban tunic, her armored vest
donned in planned haste to meet the press
So eloquent behind the microphone
With fractured voice so calm and sweet
unflinching in the tabloid stroboscope
Mascara traces her ashen powdered cheeks
Imploring us to search our souls

Why, would anyone steal from me? My daughter was
only late for the bus to her sunday piano lesson.
Running through the park in pouring rain,
the shadows beneath the willows called her name:
"I had a pretty girl like you before, but such happy days
seem ages and ages ago
Like you she was full of life and laughter, I believe she was
waylaid by elves (or the government) or maybe..
maybe it was you!
Who stole... her soul..."

Tiny Harriet, you are so small
How would you take on the world
with nothing but your sorrow
Tiny Harriet, I will run you down
I am six times your size
and got no hope for tomorrow

Eyes, hovering in the sky with searchlights
I do a cameo performance directing this downtown suspense
thriving in my newsman pretense
I do to the world as I will
But to prey on children's innocent fears?
Well her blood sucking company has been doin it for years
I'm slipping out of bluelights
Screaming down main street
The billboards are pleading for the fox to step forward tonight
And let us know she's allright
Let us believe
That she.. is.. alive..

Tiny Harriet, you are so small
How could you take on the world
with nothing but your sorrow
Tiny Harriet, I will run you down
I am six times your size
And got no hopes for tomorrow

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